Every Birth is Different

Sabira Stash

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Every birth is different.

We all know that a mother's choices during pregnancy and birth are among the most scrutinized behaviors in a woman's life.  What pre-natal vitamins are you taking??  Do you continue lifting weights during pregnancy??  What pain management tools will you use during birth??

Mothers-to-be field these questions on a daily basis.  And while it can be exciting to think about and discuss one's choices with close friends and community members, it can easily become exhausting.  Why?  Because in spite of most people's good intentions, it is easy to feel judged around the choices we make during pregnancy and birth.

As a doula, I have experienced several vastly different pregnancies and births.  One woman that I assisted chose to have a completely natural birth.  She was amazingly strong and determined.  Another woman that I worked with decided that an epidural was the best option for her; it allowed her to stay more emotionally and physically present in her body during her birth.  She was ALSO amazingly strong and determined.  Both women are and will continue to be loving, dedicated mothers.

If there is one thing that being a doula has taught me, it is that every birth is beautiful.  Does that mean it is wrong to go into your own pregnancy and birth with a set of expectations, a plan?  No!  Of course not.  Everyone has a plan.  It's just that everyone's plan is different, and that's okay.

Don't judge.

Every birth is beautiful, every birth is different.