Services I Offer
Support before, during and after labor.
What support do I offer before labor?
  • One free 1-hour meeting, to determine whether we are a good fit
  • Two pre-natal meetings where we discuss your birth plan, birthing desires, relaxation strategies, and any questions you may have
  • One pre-natal henna session (optional but very fun)
  • Phone/text conversations after each doctor appointment AND any time you have a question or need support
What support do I offer during labor?
  • Continual support and presence throughout your labor and for up to two hours after your baby is born
  • A body of knowledge of relaxation techniques
  • Suggestions for positions for each stage of labor
  • Support with and for your partner and/or family, as needed
  • Whatever YOU need.
What support do I offer after labor?
  • One post-partum visit where we will discuss your birth experience and any needs and concerns you may have
  • References to post-partum help including (but not limited to) post-partum doulas, lactation specialists, etc.
  • Phone/text support for any questions you may have
What support do I not offer?
  • As a doula, I do not offer any medical advice.  For medical advice, you should always ask your primary healthcare provider.
What do I charge?
  • I charge $250 per birth (includes all of the services listed above) with a VERY sliding scale